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Title: Transcendental Functions and Shuttle Diplomacy
Pairing(s): Dave/Blaine. Dave/Santana friendship.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1100
Warnings: Language.
Spoilers: general for season 2.
Summary: Blaine Anderson is starting to discover David Karofsky isn't the person he thought he was. And it's turning Blaine into a person he didn't think he was.
Notes: This began as a comment fic I posted at karofskylove. Then the second part popped into my head and here we are. Unbetaed. Crossposted at gleeslash.

Trancscendental functions. )

Shuttle diplomacy. )

Shame on me
Title: Shame on Me
Author: Queen (Dapplefur)
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Dave Karofsky
Pairing: Daine (fantasy)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: n/a
Genre: kink, smut
Spoilers: none unless you haven’t seen 2x6.
Word count: 961
Beta: none. All mistakes are my own.
Author’s note: this was different to write. Never wrote a character having a fantasy while masturbating before.
Summary: based on a prompt from the glee_kink_meme: Blaine knows the type of person David Karofsky is. He's a repressed, closeted, borderline-psychotic bully. He's violent and demeaning, enough to force Kurt out of his school. He's been violent to Blaine himself. Besides all that, Blaine knows the idea that gays want to fuck any guy that has the slightest bit of contact with them is the most hateful thing ever, and he has enough traumatic memories of bullies shoving him around and sneering that he must "like it" to last him a lifetime.

So really, the fact he can't stop thinking about how Karofsky slammed him against that chain fence thing, and imagining if the guy just threw his clothes off and had his way with him right there, is a very bad thing.

Disclaimer: not mine. if I owned glee things would be a lot different.

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fanfic: the only one i run to
lydia + aiden i.
Title: The Only One I Run To.
Characters: Blaine and Karofsky.
Rating: Mature, for language and (much later) smutty bits.
Summary: For David Karofsky, it was obvious that no one cared. Maybe that was his fault; he wasn’t exactly hospitable. When Blaine decides to be the one to take a leap of faith, Dave doesn’t know what to think of him. All he knows is that he’s tired of running away.

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Holy haberdashery, Batman!
Title: Holy haberdashery, Batman!
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Blainofsky, Dave/Blaine
Genre: Smut?
Warnings: PWP
Spoilers: None~
Disclaimer: I do not Glee :D
Summary:  After being forced into a Batman costume, Dave really didn't think this Halloween party could get any worse.
AN: Okay. . .Let me explain myself. I wrote this way back when all the Blainofsky madness was going on. However, I was also sick and missing school when I wrote this. So when I returned to school I was really behind and phailing. So after two weeks I finally have this done and edited. Here you go my Batkids! Blainofsky smut. (note: Title is from Robin quotes I found online and have nothing to do with the fic)

("Come on Batman we have to take care of that")

Fic: And All I've Tried to Hide
GLESH: Karofsky/Blaine; Falling
Title: And All I've Tried to Hide
Pairing: Blaine/Karofsky
Rating: PG
Warnings: Five Things fic
Spoilers: None
Words: 1,800
Summary: Five times Dave kept Blaine his dirty little secret, and the one time he didn't.
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue. (Read full disclaimer here.)
Notes: Title by All American Rejects.

{You looked good without all that gel in your hair today.}

Mod/Welcome Post
Blainofsky Story

Okay, welcome to blainofsky, a fan comm for the Dave Karofsky/Blaine ship on Glee. While I want this comm to be fun and chill, that's not to say that you can go batshit crazy. So let's lay down some ground rules. We're new, and I’m sure those who join have been in fancomms before, so I don't think I need to go into huge detail.

1) Wil Wheaton said it best: “Don't be a dick.” Don't bash anyone. Members or characters or actors. No flaming. No trolling. No shit stirring. This is a happy place.

2) Please use an lj-cut. No one wants their flists stretched out. It's inconvenient and kind of rude.

3) Also, please use a header. Something like this will suffice:


4) Spoilers pretty much include anything that is hearsay, anything printed in magazine or from websites, or new promos and interviews. Let's say that anything in a new episode after a week of airing is not longer a spoiler.

5) Please warn. There is no judging, but some people do NOT want to read anything and everything, and warning saves people from a lot of stress and unhappiness.


6) Please use tags. It makes life easy. If you write something or draw/make art/graphics/other, I’ll make you an artists/author tag. Do not fret.


7) It's been a while since I've moded a comm, so please bear with me while I get back in the groove.


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